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Issuing time:2023-03-28 23:51

Huanyu Future Technology is a PCBA solution company located in Guangzhou, China. From their official website, you can clearly develop the words of LED. Yes, this is the most famous company in the LED PCBA industry, their main business is LED PCB manufacturing and assembly.

Huanyu Future Technology is currently the largest LED PCB/PCBA manufacturer in China, providing 2-14 layers of Multilayer PCB board manufacturing. Most of the customers they serve come from automotive, security electronics, industrial control and other fields. Let's discuss its capabilities

    Multi-layer PCB manufacturing with 2-14 layers

    HDI High Density Flexible Circuits

    Fast turnaround with a minimum of 2 days

    Turnkey PCB assembly (from layout to assembly)

    PCB Reverse Engineering

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