Amphenol has introduced a PCB power connector capable of carrying 15A to 200A currents

Issuing time:2023-03-21 10:05

Amphenol Industries has introduced a compact, high current, PCB power connector, SMT Radsert, capable of carrying between 15A and 200A currents. Amphenol SMT Radsert has a flexible design that can accommodate any space constraints and stacking height.

These new board end connectors are delicate and compact, presenting various possible layout options for PCBs. Suitable for power supply equipment manufacturers and data center equipment manufacturers on energy storage systems.

SMT Radsert provides tape wrap for batch use. These new power connectors enable designers to transfer power from the busbar suspended above or below the circuit board and its components to the board.

SMT Radsert connectors are available in both crimp and solder versions. Their rated current carrying capacity is between 35A and 200A. The RADSOK pin and socket technology used in the connector has high reliability and durability, as well as the characteristics of high current, low plugging force, and transmitting greater current in a smaller space.

SMT Radserts not only operate reliably, but also provide more surface space for circuit board design, and eliminate potential failures of threaded connections. They are ideal for high current, single point connection applications.

Technical specifications:

Current carrying capacity: 35A~200A

L Small volume

Amphenol is one of the largest interconnect product manufacturers in the world. Amphenol focuses on the design, manufacturing, and sales of electrical, electronic, fiber optic connectors, coaxial flat ribbon cables, and interconnect systems. For a long time, Amphenol has been highly recognized in the industrial, military, and communication fields for its high-quality connectors and interconnect system products, and has occupied a leading position in the market.

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